About Us

We make learning fun by providing child friendly environment that involves love, care and acceptance. Our preschool programmes are designed to encourage the toddler’s social, physical, cognitive, language and emotional development. Lot of free play and activities form a part of the education model, combined with a comprehensive curriculum. Our curriculum emphasizes language development to help kids convert their ideas into words and sentences.

A child’s preschool experience is his or her introduction to the world of education. At LILY TSFT, teachers are trained well to cater the little ones with a safe and fun filled learning environment where they can express themselves creatively and nurture their social skills and values and prepare them for a lifelong learning. Our teachers are well equipped with extra ordinary levels of patience, enthusiasm, creativity and above all a heart full of love towards the little ones entrusted in their hands. They play a vital role as the link between the home and school and also communicate effectively with the parents in developing a good and strong relationship with the children and thereby helping them grow healthy.

Our teachers, staff and administration always work towards providing a child centric education and learning environment, keeping our vision in focus and thereby endorsing our students in exploring the world around.

Ms. R. Lilly Sharmila: Principal & Director.
Ms. Sharmila’s passion for teaching and love for children encouraged her to start the preschool in 2006. She has over 22 years of valuable experience in the field of teaching. She ensures that she imparts this experience to each of her staff so that they can in turn carry her vision forward.


Ms. Divya Biju :

Divya, an MBA graduate with skills both in counselling adults and children is quite passionate about giving the best preschool education for LILIANS. Her dynamic administrative qualities and her exposure to school education in the United States of America makes her a great asset to the management team at LiLy.

Ms. Flora Lawrence :
Flora has been among the first few teachers to have joined the preschool. She is a good disciplinarian and has proved herself to be effective in leading her team.She is also very empathetic and compassionate about her students.

Ms. Babita Sabnekar :
Babita’s immense love and way of approach to the children makes her a much loved teacher by all. She makes a lasting inspirational impact that follows a student throughout their life.

Ms. Sandhya Gunti:
Sandhya was the first teacher of LILY TSFT and is still continuing to give her untiring effort towards the upliftment and growth of the school. She is a very dedicated and creative teacher and is very passionate about her work. She is resourceful when it comes to imparting activity oriented teaching for her students.

Our curriculum is based on six areas of learning, which are :
1. Personal, social and emotional development.
2. Communication , language and literacy.
3. Mathematical and logical development.
4. Knowledge and understanding of the world.
5. Creative development.
6. Physical development.
The teachers are trained well, to handle and implement the theme and activity based curriculum designed for the kids,also looking at each one’s special needs.
Lot of audio, visual and live aids areused to educate and make learning fun for the kids.

All that is covered in nursery carries forward to PP1 and PP2 with an advanced syllabus.

1. Communication, language and literacy.
2. Alphabet with short and long sounds, vowels and consonants.
3. Rhyming words and sight words.
4. The above skills eventually help the students to blend sounds, read words and give them a confidence in reading.
5. Writing skills of letters (after giving a systematic practice of pre writing skills).
6. Listening and speaking skills are also enhanced through different activities.

1. Math is all around us. Every day as children play they use mathematics without even realizing it. Activities build children’s growing understanding of mathematics.
2. First goal is to see that mathematics is everywhere.
3. The next goal is to make mathematics interesting and simple for kids.
4. A third goal is to enhance the logical thinking.
5. The pre mathematical skills cultivated in the play group and nursery augment the capability of kids in using numbers in various logics.
6. Oral counting, writing numbers, counting and matching and concept learning is dealt.

Feelings are more important than facts when it comes to introducing young children to the world of nature. No one has stated this more clearly than Rachel Carson (1956) when she wrote, “I sincerely believe that for the child and for the parent (or teacher) seeking to guide him, it is not half so important to know as they feel”. So we at LILY
1. Focus on “experiencing” versus “teaching”.
2. Begin with simple and frequent positive experiences of outdoors also.
3. Discuss about their ecological experiences.
4. Display a personal interest, model caring and enjoyment of the natural world.
5. Explore living things, objects and events in the natural and man-made world, looking closely at similarities/differences, patterns and changes.
6. Emphasize on activity based programme.

We have an excellent in-house transport facility keeping in mind the safety of our children.

The students travel to and fro in luxury buses (seating for 40). Each bus, in addition to the driver has a female attendant. The attendant and the driver are provided with cell phones and are therefore easily accessible.

Our processes ensure that the bus attendants maintain a comprehensive register to record the number of students availing the bus facility. Our school buses are also used to ferry the students for sports activities, field trips and picnics.

  • dayTransition: Nursery kids and other new comers are allowed to take their time to adjust to the new environment and not forced into school system.
  • Assembly: Assemblies provide a platform for our Lilians to grow as confident individuals!
  • Free Play: This includes beading, threading, imagination play, peg boards, puzzles, role play, circle games, sorting, matching and sequencing.
  • Clean up time : Young ones are encouraged to put back things that are used during free play, in the right places assigned.
  • Rhymes Time: Children enjoy rhymes that are shown and sung in the class by the teachers.
  • Concept Time: Here discussions on the topic of the day take place in which interaction with peers and teachers are facilitated. Letters of the alphabet, concepts of math and EVS are dealt.
  • Activity Time: The concept time is extended to the activity time in which kids participate in an activity that is planned, as per the topic of the day.
  • Snacks Time: This is an important area of a school development as they sit in group but still participate independently. Our kids are encouraged to recognize what they eat.
  • Outdoor Play: Kids are allowed to experience activities that develop their gross motor skills and confidence.
  • Quiet Time: Rest and relaxation are an essential part of our programme. Rest time os when children relax their mind completely without the doing.



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